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11 months ago

Sell Your House in Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City offers numerous regions with many interesting attractions, and is also Utah’s biggest city that has a population of just over 190,000. The regular house value is under $250,000, making it really attractive for home buyers. Most of the development has been attributed to people relocating to the area from California, along with a raise in job growth.

1 year ago

What You Have to Know When Buying a Property in a Short Sale

Have money for fee pay from your own wallet. In short sales, the bank will pay the sellers fee and settle a final price. Prior to signing any contract with your local real estate professional, ask the bank if they are willing to waive the difference due. Normally they will not agree so you’ll pay this by yourself. It is also best that you research about the seller. Ask them the reason why they had difficulties for mortgage. Determining the kind of trouble they are going through gives you an idea on the chances of getting the short sale approved. Get pre-qualified for financing. If you are really serious on Home Buying, you’ll need the required resources to purchase it. If you need to get mortgage loan for it, then start working the application ahead of time.

1 year ago

Protecting Property Selling When In Divorce

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1 year ago

Top Mistakes House Flippers Make

I’ll connect you with a local real estate investor who will provide you with a free, confidential, no-obligation home selling offer.

1 year ago

Getting Started As A Real Estate Agent

1 year ago

First Time Home Buyer Mistakes You Have To Avoid

Many buyers uses up their time searching for that perfect home. It’s really an impossible task. You can always find pros and cons when making that home buying decision. Think about these carefully according to your wants and needs. There’ll always be "cons" when choosing to buy. Spending too much effort searching for the perfect home will be exhausting, unsatisfying and you could miss on other valuable features such as points and interest rates.

1 year ago

Safety Tips for Showing A House When Selling

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